What makes Bali so special?

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Maya Angelo


Taking a break in Christmas is great, and for the first time together, we decided to travel to Bali – a place known not only for its beautiful nature and predominant Hindu culture, but also for its yoga and meditation retreats.
Since there is no risk of yellow fever, it was a safe destination for my RA as well (World Health Organisation Yellow Fever Country List – very useful source!).
So we packed our stuff and headed off, excited to explore what really made Bali so special.


“Taxi, Taxi, Taxi?” 
This is the only thing we heard walking our way out of the airport yet all of the small, friendly balinese, had a big smile drown on their faces.
Ketut came to pick us up and throughout the way we chatted and laughed. He answered every question that came to mind and at some point, the conversion turned to religion.

86% of Bali’s population is Hindu .
They believe in one supreme that can take the shape of multiple Gods and quite often ceremonies take place to thank him.


Its with whom we went to Tirta Empul Temple, A Balinese holy spring water temple. We only knew we were going to “pray” there.
L – “But what if we believe in no God?
K – “It doesn’t matter, we welcome everybody regardless of what their religion is. This waters are holy, and it’s a great time to come – we had full moon yesterday”. The purpose is to be grateful for things such as being alive, healthy and having food“. “First pray for you, for what you want for yourself. Then pray for your family, your friends and you as a couple. Be grateful and wish for them”.
So simple but so powerful.

Hindus pray 3 times a day in the temple, their holy place. Besides the common ones, they all have their own at home.


But Wayan went over the roof.
2am is when the alarm rang to head are way to Volcano Batur. We hiked the volcano to watch the sunset and Wayan was our guide. Throughout the way we learnt loads from him and his family and I concluded its Gratefulness, kindness and love the values a Hindu Balinese inherits.

In the Western World things are different.
They make us think happiness is what we have and not who we are. These people prove it wrong, and they are all rich – they radiate happiness!
We also have a biased view of what religion is.

Media is nasty.


So it’s the people that makes Bali special.

If we could all together set a new years resolution, it would be to:
Be Kind to each other,
Be Grateful for the small things,
Smile more,
Lore more.

Lot of love,


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