⌛ Once upon a time ..

.. a girl named Lorena was born in Valencia, the loveliest city in Spain. There, she grew up, and already at the age of 2, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), a chronic autoimmune illness. She happily went on with her life, and half way through college, she packed all that she had learnt, and headed off to her first adventure abroad.

Fast-Forward to when she was 25 and had been living in Dublin for a good few months. RA had been silently living within her, that soon all changed. During 8 months, she went through constant flares. Pharmaceutical drugs helped, but as you might know, they relieved the symptoms not the cause.

Proactive by nature, she started looking for answers.

Some time after, she stumbled upon beautiful souls that had started their healing journey with veganism, amongst other valuable techniques.

Ever since she transition to a plant-based diet, she herself experienced, the power food has to heal the body when your a chronic ill person.

I’m certain that, her goal with vegan4arthritis is to create a space to inspire and help other young, enthusiastic & passionate RA humans around the world and bring hope to their lives. I’m pretty sure she would have loved to come across a similar space, specially when she was in so much pain she couldn’t think straight.

Please always remember, it’s all about perception and acceptance.. 💚

Lots of Love,


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2 thoughts on “⌛ Once upon a time ..

  1. Hi Lorena. I did know nothing about this illness. I hope you are doing well! Btw, I was one of your students in Valencia( Instagram: @juliatamayo22 🙂 ). XOXO!

    I wish you all the best through your journey!

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