↫ 6 things to ensure before transitioning to a plant-based diet ↬

Justine had only recently joined the team, and minutes after we met, we both found out we had Arthritis. Besides my beloved cousin, she was the second person I came across in my life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Veganism was the answer for her & that gave me food for thought.


Pure curiosity and inspiration.
My main triggers to start my vegan journey
to heal my arthritis.
Thank you Justine & Reg. 


↫ Start with your why ↬
Understand why you’re doing it and commit to it.
My goal was to go vegan to explore how it could impact my body and eventually, to become medicine-free. When you truly identify your why, you acknowledge the added value, and easily commit to it.
Simon Sinek, a unique human being, created The Golden Circle, a fantastic theory that highlights the importance of the why in all we do. 

↫ Explore ↬
Be curious and ready to think differently.
Before I made up my mind, I spent an entire weekend reading and watching youtube videos all around veganism and this made me feel super supported – A great example here.
It helped me shift the perception I had of food. Amongst other things, I also accepted that from day one, I would no longer sense food just as a pleasure, but rather as a strong healing tool.


↫ Find a nutritionist to guide you ↬
We’ve been fed all our life without questioning. To ensure the transition runs smoothly, find support of a professional .
Reg, another amazing human being I stumbled upon – Vegan nutritionist with a huge passion for the human body and food, lighted my way as a vegan newbie. It’s priceless to get first hand advice from someone who experienced what you’re just about to.

↫ Embrace your creativity cooking ↬
Think ahead & spend some time preparing your colourful meals at home.
Fruit, Veggies, Beans, Seeds or Grains amongst others, is what any vegan eats on a regular basis. To nutritionally replace the animal products I daily ate, I had to first self-learn which foods provided what and then come up with creative recipes (if not copy some like this Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl – my FAV =))

↫ Connect with other vegans ↬
Ask questions and connect with strangers that experienced what you’re just about to – there are loads of people out there willing to give you a hand.
Once I said to myself I was going vegan, I straight away posted in the Vegans in Dublin Facebook group looking for advice – in less than 24h, 10 people had gotten back to me (Reg, amongst them) with very useful tips!

↫ Don’t give up ↬
I have no doubt you can do it! Connect to your purpose should you see yourself tempted.
As you might know, the mediterranean diet heavily relies on animal products. This summer while I was back home, a few times that I went out for food, I saw myself eating non-vegan dishes (I ♡ mummy’s Paella).
This is one of the biggest challenges, but instead of punishing myself, I accepted the situation as it came.


↫ Tips ↬
A few beginner tips that I found extremely useful included:
↬ Download the DailyDozen App to ensure you’re eating enough
↬ Buy both Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D supplements
↬ Spring seeds in all your meals: Milled Flaxseeds and Hemp Seeds are my favourite.
↬ Explore and try new foods: Nutritional yeast, black rice or smoked tofu are my new addictions ! 

Ready to start the new adventure? 

Lots of love,

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3 thoughts on “↫ 6 things to ensure before transitioning to a plant-based diet ↬

  1. Hey! All so true! And connecting with other vegans is definitely one of the most important because it can bring about a lot of the other things. The vegan community is so strong and supportive that it’s a great help to new vegans (:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ahimsa, thanks for your comment 🙂
      We’re indeed here to help each other – there is nothing that satisfies us more than to help others, specially when it comes to big changes, like going vegan!


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