↟ This is what triggered my shift in Mindset ↡

People sympathise with you when you tell them you’re a chronic ill person.


Chronic ill patients feel ashamed to openly talk about their chronic illness.


Why? What can be done?


2 weeks before travelling to Senegal, I had to cancel my trip –  My RA medication is (and will always be) incompatible with the yellow fever vaccination, a mandatory vaccination when travelling anywhere in Africa.

“You should start accepting your illness and the limitations that come with it” the doctor said.

❂ Eye-openeing ❂

I followed his wise advise and after some time, I truly accepted that it is what it is, and sometimes you just have to go with the waves. 


My positive approach towards life, allows me to focus on the good side of things and this is how I changed my mindset towards arthritis.
Instead of perceiving it as a limitation and blocker, I see it as a wonderful gift life has given to me to differently learn from myself. If I wouldn’t have had it, I wouldn’t be who I’m now.


So I’d like to kindly ask you something:
To get rid off all taboos around chronic illnesses, we as chronic ill patients, need to be the first to accept them as they come, and gradually change our attitude towards them ˜ it won’t happen overnight.
It is however fascinating, how much we can learn from our bodies. They are constantly communicating !


And you, what would you do for self-love? 



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