Exploring the Vegfest | Dublin

It’s not only a choice, but a lifestyle.
The more I discover,
the more human beings surprise me.


My camara, my notebook and loads of curiosity is all I needed before hopping on my bike towards the Vegfest. My belly couldn’t wait to try some of those delicious goodies!
The Vegfest is a two-day celebration of a vegan lifestyle, the Ireland’s biggest vegan food event including diet and nutrition talks by experts, demo’s & performances.



Cheese | A real creamy delicacy that melts in the mouth. 
Walking around the eat tents with my explorer lens on, I came across Mihus Alternative Cheese tent. Produced in Cork, their vegan cheeses are mainly made out of almonds and cashews. With a strong tendency for aged cheeses, the pesto aged cheese hooked me.



For the sweet tooth| You will drool over it.
You straight away feel when somebody puts love into what they do. Wild Sage, a plant based bakery based in Dublin, puts loads in everything they bake.
So many tempting choice, it took me a while to decide which one I’d go for, but when two of your favourite things are combined, you know the Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake brownie is the one you’ll pick.

Served in a green lovely leaf, I still dream with this small piece of heaven.



Handmade Soaps | The smell will enchant anyone.
A while ago my reiki teacher gave me a lavender essential oil. I used to rub a few drops on my temples before going to sleep and I just loved the smell – it felt good.
Strolling around, I stumbled upon Bend in the barrow, who himself produced this vegan eco-friendly gems. The lavender soap’s aroma, brought back so many pleasant feelings, that I couldn’t resist not to take one with me.



Fiona Oakes | Vegan ultra-athlete
Truly inspiring to listen to this world -record marathon winner that challenges people stereotypes of how I vegan women will be like. Told she would never walk again when she was 14, she is now the fastest woman in the world to run a marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole.
Watching the trailer of her documentary, I got goose bumps all over my body. 



It’s not only a choice, but a lifestyle.
The more I discover,
the more human beings surprise me.

Lots of love,


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3 thoughts on “Exploring the Vegfest | Dublin

  1. Wow this sounds amazing! I’ve been vegetarian for over 3 years now and am picking to make the leap to full vegan… Cheese is a tough thing to give up for me though. My husband is slowly coming around too!

    Loved this post, I actually just wrote a blog about why I became a vegetarian if you might be interested in checking it out



    1. Thanks :)!!
      The transition is surely easier than what to think and it will have such a possitive impact on your health that is worth giving it a go 💕
      Loved your article btw !!


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